Eyup, I'm Dean and I'm a front-end developer currently plying my trade as chief UI bloke at Audiomack.com

A little bit about me

Unless you found yourself here while looking for Dean Elliott, the West End star, or Dean Elliott, the late TV & film composer, I assume you know that I'm a workaholic front-end developer with a strong penchant for Wordpress based jiggery-pokery.

But did you also know that I was once cheated out of the "Sexiest 6th former" award, can recite the last 25 minutes of the 1985 Arnold Schwarzenegger classic, Commando, word-for-word and, as a schoolboy, beat a future Olympian in a 100m sprint?

Well I was, I can and I did. There's more to me than just flexboxes and cubic beziers you know!

Here is what I can do

As you'd expect, what with me being a front-end developer and all, I'm an expert in HTML & CSS / SCSS. I'm also a dab hand at that jQuery lark and, having spent the vast majority of my 9+ year career working with Wordpress as my go-to CMS, I'm pretty handy with PHP too.

Here are people I've worked with

Over the past 9+ years I've had the pleasure to work with countless wonderful clients. From building private e-commerce stores for Saab to performing routine maintenance on blogs hosted by Adobe & National Geographic via creating micro-sites for Sony and Brompton Bicycles.

My availability

Good news, I am currently available for small - medium sized projects with established creative agencies or freelancers. Drop me a line, let's get to work!